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"Audio Messaging... What is it?"

Audio Messaging is the latest feature added to Smart Classified ADs... audio response for your viewers!

Your viewers will hear audio response messages in many areas of the system...

  • When searching for keywords in ADs,
  • When subscribing to the Keyword Advisory Service,
  • During posting of ADs,
  • During renewing of ADs,
  • During editing of previously posted ADs,
  • When they decide to delete their posted AD.

Two Java "applets"are used in the Audio System of Smart Classified ADs.
These applets were developed by The Home Office On-Line and are copyrighted for use only
with our Smart Classified AD systems.

The Java Applets used are:
cachepreload.class... preloads the required audio file into the viewer's browser "cache" BEFORE it's needed, allowing for faster playback...

AudioMessage.class... The applet that "plays" the audio files to your viewer. This applet is embedded in many areas of the scripts, and can be turned on or off by just one setting in the configuration file...

The viewer's browser of course, must have "Java enabled" in order to hear the audio!

The audio files are in English...
And you're probably wondering, "can I make my own?". Yup! And we'll even provide a
great shareware program to do it with. (you'll also need a sound card and microphone of course...)



Just visit the "demo" and hear the typical audio responses your viewers will hear when using the Smart Classified ADs system.

"If you think Smart Classified ADs is a nice CGI package, would you take a moment to enter YOUR "vote" at the cgi-resources index?"

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