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Automated "Upcoming Classified AD expiration"

To: prodemo@hoffice.com
From: testpro@hoffice.com
Subject: Upcoming Classified AD expiration

This is an automated message from (Your Web Site Name Here)

The classified AD you posted on our web site will expire in
10 days, on Apr 20, 1998.

AD Number: 1001

WEBMASTERS:  Smart Classified ADs - Professional Edition

You're looking at "THE most configurable Classified AD system
on the InterNET!". Just edit the configuration file and you're
up & running!

* Easy installation & setup...
* 36 Webmaster configurable parameters...
* FREE or FEE based advertising...
* Auto sends E-mail Invoice if desired...
* Can set "newest" AD displays first...
* Can receive E-mail copy of new AD submitted or renewed...
* Can set your own AD "table" colors...
* Can limit amount of categories AD posted to...
* Can limit how many times an AD can be renewed...

And so much more! 'click' on "Home" to read about all the
available features...

If you wish to renew your AD, you must do so BEFORE it expires...
You will also need to use the original password you entered when
you posted your AD... To renew your AD now, click on this link:


Warm regards,
        (Your Web Site Name Here)

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