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Canned outgoing E-mail message (modifiable)

To: don@hoffice.com
From: tpg@cyberlink.bc.ca.com
Subject: Your Classified AD
Content-Length: 461

This is an automated message from (Your Web Site Name Here).

Thank you for posting your classified AD on our system.
Your AD no. 1005 was posted on Oct 10, 1998. Expires on Dec 11, 1998.

        Welcome aboard! Your Classified AD will be viewed
by the many visitors to our web site, and may you profit
from their viewing of your AD...

We hope you enjoy your visit to our web site

        Please tell your friends about us...

Warm regards,
        (Your Web Site Name Here).

This "canned" outgoing E-mail message can contain any text you wish to send to the AD submitter. Just edit the "$FollowUp" area in the configuration file to insert your own text...

"If you think Smart Photo ADs is a nice software program, would you take a moment to "Rate it" at the cgi-resources.com index?"

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