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To: don@hoffice.com
From: photoads@hoffice.com
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This is an E-mail INVOICE from (Your Web Site Name Here).

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Don Bearor
496 East Platt Street
Long Beach, CA 90805-6424

Payment for Your AD no. 1050, posted on Oct 10, 1998
is due in the amount of: $4.99 for 31 days posting.
Payment must be received within 5 business days.

        Please make your check or Money Order payable to:
        (Payee name here)

        Please write the AD number on your check and
        MAIL TO:

        (Mail to name)
        (Mail to address)
        (Mail to city, State ZipCode)

 Thanks for placing your classified AD with us. Your AD will be
 viewed by the many visitors to our web site.

 You may renew your AD anytime prior to its expiration date to
 extend the exposure of your AD...

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