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"If you're a Webmaster looking for a professional classified AD system for your web site, you've come to the right place..."

As of December 1, 2011 well over 2000 web sites around the world have purchased the Smart Classified AD system. That should speak for itself!!

"A Classified AD system with class!"

1 A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!
Individuals can post photos with their classified AD.  Check out the details of PhotoADs here.

2 Audio Messages!
Audio response for your viewers... The newest feature of Smart Photo ADs!

3 Take a Test Drive
See for yourself how easy and convenient it is to use and post ADs to the PhotoADs system.

4 Frequently Asked Questions
Here's a quick reference to the most frequently asked questions about the PhotoADs system.

5 Expanded Functionality with Add-ins
Click here to see how to expand the functionality of PhotoADs. Current add-in packages include the following:

Pre-Screen Posted ADs - Preview all ADs before they are posted.

6 Everything you need
Click here for the complete package contents.
  • HTML pages
  • Images
  • CGI Scripts
  • Free tech support by e-mail
7 See It In Action
Want to see what others have done with the PhotoADs system? Check out these live versions.

8 The Configuration File
View the configuration file that controls all the features of the system. In just one file, you can change the look, functionality, and options... all without knowing anything about CGI or Perl programming.

9 3 AD Display Modes!
You can set just one variable in the configuration file to display ADs the way you want...

Other Information

Web Site Requirements:
The Smart Classified ADs CGI Program Kit is for use on Unix web servers, running Perl 5

Tech Support Information
Tech support is FREE and available through E-MAIL. "Your successful installation is also our success..."

The Home Office On-Line
730 24th St., N.W., Suite 14
Washington, DC 20037
(202) 333-7969

It's easy to change the look, features and options of the Photo ADs system by modifying just one configuration file. No CGI editing is required. Just edit the configuration file and you're up & running! Check out all the configurable options below:

1 Keyword Advisory System
Now your viewers can subscribe to the Keyword Advisory Service of Smart Photo ADs, to have each newly posted AD searched for important "keywords". If found, they will immediately receive a "copy" of the new AD by E-mail! They can modify their subscription or UNsubscribe at any time...Each subscription will "auto-expire" in 30, 60 or 90 days (selectable by subscriber ), making the system "maintenance free" for the Webmaster! detailed overview
2 Post ADs by the week OR month
Posting range can be limited to as little as one week, one month, or any range you wish...
3 Dates in European or North American format
Display dates as: Nov 10, 2002 or...10 Nov 2002
4 Configure for FREE or FEE based ADs
You can operate a FREE or FEE based Photo AD system. Your choice!
5 Can have multiple FEE levels if desired
Set one price for first AD placed, different price for AD placement in additional categories
6 Can auto send E-mail Invoice
Automatically send an E-mail Invoice for mail-in payment if you wish. example
7 Auto "Next Page" display
If any category exceeds 30 ADs, display automatically switches to "Next Page" display mode. (configurable)
8 Latest AD can be set to display first!
If set to "yes", latest posted AD will display first. (keeps categories "fresh" for repeat callers...)
9 Can limit amount of categories AD posted to
Limit posting of ADs to one, or more categories...  (Webmaster password can override this limit)
10 Times AD renewable can be limited
Webmaster can limit how many times an AD can be renewed...  (Webmaster password can override this limit)
11 ADs can be edited by original owner
If AD submitter included a password when posting the AD, they can later edit the AD... (Webmaster can edit any AD)
12 AD can be deleted by owner before it expires
If password was posted with AD, owner can delete AD any time before it would expire... (Webmaster can delete any AD)
13 Can set maximum words allowed in AD body
Default is 125 words. Webmaster can set any limit desired!
14 Can send you an e-mail notice when new AD posted or renewed
e-mail notice will contain ALL details of posted AD. Don't like AD? Delete it!...
15 Can auto-send "canned" e-mail to AD submitter
AD submitter can automatically receive an e-mail message from you. Great for offers, announcements, etc. example
16 Can allow advertiser's URL to be posted in AD
When a viewer 'clicks' on an AD URL, a "new" browser window is opened!... When done, the viewer just "closes" the window to return to your ADs!
17 Can collect e-mail address & name of AD submitter when AD is posted
If set to yes, e-mail address & name will be appended to an ASCII importable file. Great for occasional bulk mailing of offers, notices, etc.
18 Can select text font used for body of AD
Font of displayed AD body text can be set in configuration file... Such as verdana, courier, arial, etc. (default is verdana for readability)
19 Width of CGI displayed screens can be adjusted for use in frames
Setting the "$TableWidth" parameter in the configuration file will automatically adjust the display width to eliminate horizontal scroll bar in viewer's browser...
20 Webmaster can set background colors of AD display table
AD display table background colors can be set in the configuration file for each row...
21 Webmaster can choose to turn AD display table borders on or off
If turned on, every CGI screen that displays AD details will have table borders displayed
22 Auto-purge ADs on expiration date
You can set the system variable "$AutoExpire" ='1' to automatically delete expired ADs on a daily basis, for maintenance FREE operation
23 Auto-send e-mail notice of upcoming AD expiration
Automatically send an e-mail notice of "pending AD expiration" to submitter 5 to 30 days prior to AD expiring. example
24 Block spammers from posting ads
Now you can block spammers from posting ads! Block spammers by web site, e-mail address, name, company, phone number, and more.
25 "Bad words" censor
Now you can censor out "bad words" that you specify and block them from appearing in the ads.

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