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From: money1@datablast.net
Subject: New Classified AD submitted
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AD no. 1255 was posted on Oct 10, 1998. Expires on Dec 11, 1998.
Submitted by:

Susan Judge
5 Pinewood Ave.
Beverly, MA 01915
Voice: 978-927-6654
E-mail: money1@datablast.net
Web Site URL: http://judge-financial.net/oxyfresh/

AD placed in 1 categories:
     Money Making Opportunities


AD content:
Looking for a sure-fire way to build your organization? Tired of
purchasing and mailing tapes, brochures, catalogues? Sick of the
Conference Calls and 3-way calling phone bills? Hate those
meetings? Well, Bubba, the future is here and the future is E-MAIL.

Entire copyrighted SYSTEM available to qualified people with the
desire to increase their monthly incomes using E-MAIL -- and for a
limited time it is FREE. This involves no bulk/spamming activity 
(in fact, if you do this you will be terminated). Join the 
responsible, ethical team with the support you want. Be in 
business in minutes!  I made $100 in less than 18 hours of working 
the system. maito:ace2000@TheOffice.net for complete details

Amount due for AD: $4.99, for 31 days posting.
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