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Smart Photo ADs Live Demo

This Demo is fully operational!

You may post an AD AND upload a Photoimage in the "demo". However, if this gets abused, we will have no choice but to switch to previewing all ADs BEFORE posting!

To observe ALL the screens that your web site visitor would see, you should submit an AD just like they would. You'll see the "preview" screen, then the "receipt" screen...

Return to the "view ADs" page, select the category that you placed your AD in, and see the AD!

Then go to the "UTILITIES" page. You will be able to edit, renew or delete the AD you just posted!... everything your visitor can do when submitting an AD on your classified AD System. First take a peek at the AD's already in our demo....

Webmaster's note:
The following default limitations apply to this demo:

1. AD can be posted to no more than 3 categories. (Try to post to more! )
2. An AD can be renewed no more than 2 times.
3. Same AD can be posted no more than once!
4. AD table borders = "2" in this demo...
5. "Audio Messaging" is activated!
6. "Blind" E-mail replying is active...
7. ADs are set to NOT purge upon expiration, just to give you something to look at!
8. Photos are set to display with Ad.

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