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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you'll find a summary of the most common questions.

Can I change the colors & text on the pages?

A. Yes, of course! They are just normal HTML pages like you're used to using. Customize the program to suit YOUR site. You can also set your color tables for the CGI displayed screens, right in the main configuration file mentioned in question 3!

Note: be careful if you are going to use Dreamweaver or the FrontPage Editor on your HTML pages! FrontPage has been known to cause problems with "form" type pages. E-mail us for further info.

What editor can I safely use, and where do I get it?

A. Always use a "pure" ASCII text editor like PFE, that much of the program was built with, or any editor that won't manipulate your "form" pages, and that leaves them as intended.

Do I have to edit CGI scripts to customize and maintain my program?

A. No! The beauty of the SmartPhotoAds program is in its "Central Configuration File". It is in this ONE file that you set all your variables and make your changes that set the program to suit your needs. This file controls all of the CGI scripts that run the program. The operation manual that comes with Smart Photo ADs completely walks you through setting up this "Config" file. You can also see an example of it HERE

Can I still get it professionally installed after I've already downloaded it and tried it myself?

A. Yes! We would be happy to either try to walk YOU through it for free, or if you prefer, we can completely install it for you for a small fee. There are TWO levels of installation, depending upon whether you are hosting your site with Hagen Hosting or through some other service. You may also wish to refer to the answer to Question 5 below.

What are the fees for "Tech Support"?

A. We want your installation to be a complete success, and we will do whatever is neccessary to that end, at no charge to you. Tech support to get you "up and running" is FREE. You are always welcome to e-mail us with any questions you may have. It is only in some cases where small fees may apply to troubleshoot and repair your program, after someone has "broken" it. In most cases it's something simple and can be solved free.

What if I don't have "telnet" access to my web site?

A. You don't need it to install Smart Photo ADs! You can use an FTP program like WS_FTP or CUTE_FTP. Unzip the photoads.zip to your "local drive", start your FTP program, then go to the "\photoads" directory on the local drive & and per the directions in the manual, upload your files.. All the files should be copied to their proper location, and you will have to set the directory/file permissions manually, using the FTP program. (See page 7 of the photoads.doc User's Manual).

Can the Advertiser upload an image to their AD?

A. Absolutely!. For more on this, Click Here.

Do I have to edit the HTML pages if I want to set ADs by the "week"?

A. Yes, of course! The HTML pages furnished with Smart Photo ADs are "normal" HTML pages... Changing a setting in the configuration file will not edit the normal HTML page for you! Those settings change the CGI generated pages, but you will still have to edit your normal HTML pages for these settings, and for the small details like: (your web site name here) etc. The manual covers any changes you have to make to your HTML pages, such as if you choose to post Ads by the week instead of month (default).

After I edit the "viewads.html" page with FrontPage it doesn't work!

A. Using the FrontPage Editor on "form" type pages will get you into trouble just about every time. For some reason, FrontPage does not like to see more than one "form /form" statement on one page! If you edit the viewads.html and utility.html pages in FrontPage and save the page, more than likely you now have an "end-of-form tag" missing, which will cause problems when attempting to "click a button". Using a pure text editor like PFE, compare the location of the "/form" tags on an unmodified copy of the page and edit it back in! We've seen FrontPage cause many editing problems with form based HTML pages...

Can I have more than one installation of the program on my web site?

A. Yes, but you will need to purchase additional licenses. The license agreement allows one installation per licensed copy of Smart Photo ADs. Additional licenses are available at a discount.

Can I modify/customize the CGI scripts for my own use?

A. Yes. Feel free to edit the CGI scripts to suit your purpose. Keep in mind however, that as upgraded scripts are made available they are intended to "overwrite" the currently installed copy! You will have to modify the upgrade again...

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